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She Is - Unleashing Divine Feminine Power



An Excerpt From My Story .....

“In looking back on my life, I don’t recognize myself at certain stages. I am so different now that I do not even remotely resemble the Lori in her 20s, 30s, or 40s. And sure, everyone changes–that is how life works. We change, we evolve, we grow. That is all normal, and when we reach our 50s, we have more than likely come to that time in our life when we are finally who we are meant to be. We are at peace with ourselves, and we can look back and see where we came from, and who made up this woman that we are now. There are so many different scenarios to this transformation. Some come from a good place, others not so good. Some come from a “normal” life, and others not so much. I didn’t come from a “normal life”.”

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